Mini Case Study: What if you had the ability to celebrate new year at home?

Written by
Ayoub Kada
Published on
January 16, 2024
Read time
3 min

I know this is a bit late, as it took me some quality time and was waiting for footage to be used.


When celebrating new year on my home-town, i was thinking what if i had the ability to celebrate anywhere in the world, but with staying home, i’m not in the mood of spending that much to celebrate new year.

I mean, we have all that technology and apple vision pro being released this month, and as an owner of an Oculus 2headset, i wanted to leverage that more.

Ideating & Solution:

Living the live experience of being on all those cities jumping from one to another by 1 click, or simply having fun celebration in my home wherever i am with my friends at the same time, with fire works, confetti exploding, etc… Creating those with my hand gestures and being part of something big.

How it would work?

  • Different 360 camera on the other side of the world, and me having the ability to jump between them and live the experience.
  • When celebrating at home, i can invite friends, celebrate with them, see their 3D avatar and initiate confetti & fireworks with our hand gestures.
  • Time zones… That’s the worst problem right? The prototype is for when most of cities already celebrated the new year. But we can have a timing on cities which still didn't, or maybe a 3D globe and world where i can easily navigate between cities & see which one celebrated and which still didn't, etc…



  • Not every problem needs researching and testing. Sometimes it’s about innovating and coming up with exciting ideas that people would love to experience.
  • Most of the startups are focusing on tech products for tech people.While not everyone is on IT, the world is big, population is huge, some people just want to have fun and try new things, people get bored easily.
  • Think out of the box. Innovation comes from trying new ideas which never existed before.

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