Mini Case Study: How can we make the Shopping experience x10 better?

Written by
Ayoub Kada
Published on
June 13, 2024
Read time
2 min


The idea came 3 years ago, when i ordered an elephant from AliExpress that i tought would be big and will look good on my living room, but it ended up being somehow a gadget in desk. Reason why is that it’s so small, compared to what the seller showed on his listing.


So i was thinking, as a user how can i really validate if this product is worth it or not, will it look good where i want it? Is it that big / small enough, or it’s just another scam.

I mean e-commerce have always been moving up and growing fast, but it’s all the same. List of products > you like one > you buy it > and wait to see if it was really a good choice or just another waste.


So what’s the solution? Well it’s 2023, this was brought back in 2020, so a lot evolved in 3 years.. Basically introducing new technologies in the shopping experience. Think: AR, VR, 3D… Basically Using latest technologies to make life much easier for users.



  • Not every problem needs researching and testing. the solutions are clear, you just gotta move forward with them.
  • There are always ways to get things done. Websites which provide AR ready experiences, you just need to upload your 3D products, which can get easily scanned nowadays with apps on your phone.
  • Think out of the box. Innovation comes from testing & trying new ideas. you may not be an e-commerce brand but you may be a startup which is ready to get this done for all e-commerce stores.

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